Battery Directive

In connection with the sale of batteries and rechargeable batteries, we would like to point out the following under battery legislation:

As a consumer you can return batteries to each dealer free of charge or return it directly to us. 
Please send it to (postage paid): 

Sunobo GmbH
Kornharpener Str. 111 
44791 Bochum 

Furthermore, you can take the batteries and rechargeable batteries to a municipal collection center or to your local shop (anywhere batteries are sold).
Note that, you are legally obliged to return batteries!

Batteries that contain hazardous substances, that exceed legal limits according to § 17 Abs. 3 BattG are marked with the symbol of a crossed-out trash and the chemical symbol of the pollutant (eg, "Cd" for cadmium, "Pb" for lead, "in Hg "for mercury).

An adequate labeling must be performed by the manufacturer when the following limits are crossed: 

Hg = mercury> 0.0005 mass percent 
Cd = cadmium> 0.002 mass percent 
Pb = lead> 0.004 mass percent